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SOLTSOL AG  Managing Board
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Bjorn Heidrich

CEO, Director

Björn is co-managing director of business development and sales within SOLTSOL AG. Through his more than 20 years of activity as a consultant, project developer and entrepreneur in the field of sustainable and renewable energies in Europe, Africa and Asia, he brings with him the enthusiasm and experience.

“We are at the beginning of a strongly disruptive phase in energy production, but also in energy use. E-mobility is urgently needed for the implementation of the major energy transition plan. Intelligent management systems and novel usage concepts, as well as the concrete implementation of e-mobility for cities, municipalities and companies as consultants, planners and entrepreneurs inspire me especially at this time."

+49 30 2787883-460


Tassilo Soltkahn

CEO, Director

As co-managing director, Tassilo takes on the administrative part within SOLTSOL AG. Having worked as an architect for over 30 years, he is also responsible for planning.


"As a longtime e-car driver, I believe in this technology, but I also know where there is room for improvement. Our charging concepts are solutions specially tailored to the respective location, which enable high efficiency for the operator and convenient charging for the driver. "

+49 30 2787883-450


Murray Greer


Murray is responsible to ensure safe and dependable service to our customers, to develop and specify requirements for charging hardware and supply chain development. Over 20 years’ experience in mechanical design, operations and program management, working on many industrial power and aerospace developments to implement new technologies and methods.


As a strong advocate of sustainability, both the direction and pace of E-mobility developments drive this passionate engineer.

+49 30 2787883-462


Graeme Lockwood


Graeme is responsible for the sourcing and evaluation of the charging equipment ensuring that our operation runs with the most efficient hardware available.

He is a mechanical engineer with over 25 years’ experience in working on projects from power generation through to airships in national, international and multicultural organisations.

Passionate about technology, environmental impact and sustainability I believe that e-mobility is our biggest chance at preserving the future of travel.

+49 30 2787883-466


Katarzyna Pawlowsky

Assistant to the Management

"As a committed student in the field of industrial engineering, I observe with great interest how the e-mobility industry is developing, bringing new products to the market and continuing to grow.

I myself come into contact with e-mobility in the form of an e-scooter every day. For me, these are real game changers, as they make traveling from A to B much easier during rush hour, hardly cause any noise and do not emit any exhaust gases."

+49 30 2787883-476

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