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Solarmodul Haus

Driving the transition to a green future

Solarwatt Soltsol

Wir machen Ihr Haus bereit für die Anforderungen der Zukunft: smarte Steuerung von Stromspeichern und Wallboxen, angetrieben durch die Energie der Sonne. 


An unseren Stationen können E-Bikes und Scooter laden.
Gleichzeitig entstehen neue Flächen für digital out of Home (DOOH) Werbung.

Soltsol Straße_edited.jpg

Ladekonzepte von Mehrfamilienhäusern, Bürogebäuden und Tiefgaragen für Wohnungsbaugesellschaften, 
Eigentümer sowie Städte und Kommunen

As a premium partner of SOLARWATT, Solar-i supplies the all-in-one package for storing, using and driving the sun's energy at home.

Solar Home



Our vision is a city with many choices of clean transportation.

To keep sidewalks from being crowded by parked vehicles, Soltsol builds stations where bicycles and scooters can be charged.

Digital displays at our stations show advertisements from local shops or e-mobility providers.

Car Charging

Car charging

We help cities & municipalities as well as housing companies & business owners with the construction of charging infrastructure.

Locations of Soltsol and partners

Throughout Europe we are creating DOOH concepts, solar i  projects and develop charging infrastructure.

Our Partners


+49 30 2787883400

Dovestraße 2-4, 10587 Berlin

let's connect & move together


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