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A dream team: the high-quality components from Solarwatt

Solar Panels

Solar panels

Solarwatt panels have been awarded several times as the best solar panels in the world

High performance meets elegant design

Advantages of glass-glass modules:

  • Protection against mechanical stress (e.g. large hail, storm, snow load)

  • Protection against chemical damage (e.g. by salt spray or ammonia)

This construction leads to fewer microcracks in the solar cells and enables high efficiency over a guaranteed 30 year period.

Anti-reflective glass

Embedding material

Cover connection strips

High-efficiency cells

Embedding material

Thermally hardened glass

Aluminum frame

EasyIn 60M style_Biberdeckung_Untersichtig-screen.png

The right pabel for every situation

Whether on the roof, in the roof or as a building component. Pitch black or classic.

If you are interested in the specifications and details of the different models, please contact us for a free brochure and data sheets.

Battery storage

Increase your degree of self-sufficiency by balancing out fluctuations in production or consumption. The Battery Flex  storage was developed by Solarwatt in cooperation with BMW i and integrates perfectly into the system. 

Solarwatt Battery Flex Middle 2
Solarwatt Battery Flex middle 3
Battery Flex


The Solarwatt Manager Flex is the heart of the whole system. It connects solar panels, Battery Flex, Wallbox and other technical devices. Depending on requirements, it controls the supply of solar energy and thus increases efficiency.

All data at a glance

With the app or Manager Portal you can:

  • manage your facility

  • check the system and device status

  • grant installers access in the event of faults

  • compare historical data


Charging for €0

With the smart integration of your wall box into the system, you can specify when your car should be charged as required.


Cleaner and cheaper heating with solar power

Heat pumps and heating rods integrate perfectly into the system. With the EnergyManager you can decouple heat generation and consumption in terms of time. Hot water is only produced when cheap solar power is available.

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