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produce, manage, store, use & drive solar energy

Solar-i is the integrated solar power, energy management and storage system. As passionate engineers, architects, developers, and installers we develop high-quality integrated systems to generate green energy for years and prepare your home for future requirements.

The Concept

Solar-i invites you to embrace sustainability and self sufficiency with a bespoke system for your home for energy generation, management and storage. By choosing Solar-i you benefit from efficient, reliable and flexible premium quality products. Our architects sensitively integrate systems from historic buildings to sleek contemporary designs facilitating communities to transition to a carbon neutral lifestyle and putting you in control of your energy generation, management and consumption.


You want to upgrade your house with Solar-, produce, store and use sustainable energy?

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Solar-i Partners

Solar-i enhances your lifestyle with premium quality photovoltaic panels, energy management systems, battery storage, heat pumps and EV charging which can all be app-controlled.

Our strategic partnerships include:

Solarwatt Soltsol Panels

Premium solar panels from Solarwatt

Aelex Logo.png
Soltsol Aelex Solar

Mounting structure with unparalleled aesthetics from Aelex

Pixasolar Logo.png
Soltsol Pixasolar

Stunning PV facades from Pixasolar

PNG Soltsol Logo M.png
Soltsol Solarwatt BMW

Energy and E-mobility technology from SOLTSOL

Our projects

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