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SOLTSOL AG  Supervisory Board

Evelyne de Gruyter

Chair of the Supervisory Board

Evelyne has been the managing director of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VdU) since 2020. After studying business administration, she gained experience in the family-owned hotel group and has been responsible for press and public relations in the association since 2016. Around 1,800 women entrepreneurs are organized in the VdU. The entrepreneurs together generate annual sales of EUR 85 billion and employ over 500,000 people in Germany.


As head of the association, she deals with the important issues of the future. More than ever, mobility is at the center of change in space and society. New products and services change and expand the perspective on and use of means of transport. The mobility of tomorrow will be defined by the interlinking of work, living and leisure. Getting from A to B will no longer be enough in the future - the decisive factors in a multi-mobile world are: experience, sustainability and health.

+49 30 2787883-478


Neil Greer

Supervisory Board

Mr. Greer has over 20 years of experience in investment, trade and business in the securities, commodities and private equity markets.

Mr. Greer’s emerging market focused career has provided a front-row seat to the problems spawned by rampant global growth, and the need to create corresponding solutions. He has worked with investors and governments on renewable energy projects in the former Soviet Union, as well as Green building solutions in Europe.

Previously Mr. Greer was Managing Director of Regent Pacific Group (Regent European Securities) in Moscow, Troika Asset Management in Moscow and CS First Boston (Credit Suisse) in London.

Early in his career, he trained in various positions at Merrill Lynch, Paine Webber and BlackRock in New York.

He graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the McIntyre School of Commerce.

+49 30 2787883-464


Hannes Langwest

Supervisory Board

Due to his sense for shapes, colours and aesthetics, Hannes is part of the creative team at SOLTSOL.


“Sustainability determines my everyday life from shopping in the supermarket to the way I travel. It is necessary that we act now to redress the mistakes of decades past. E-mobility is the future, but it can only exist in connection with a well-developed network of charging points. "

+49 30 2787883-456

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