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Announcement of a new partnership between Soltsol AG and Swiftmile Inc.

Jan 12th 2022

Soltsol AG is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Swiftmile Inc., a market leader in Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) charging. With a mutual goal, Soltsol AG and Swiftmile will strive to develop innovative mobility solutions and provide valuable insight for customers through upcoming offerings.

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What to look forwards to in this partnership?

The Soltsol AG and Swiftmile partnership will service customers who are in the market for cost-effective solutions for the development and operation of e- mobility charging hubs for public and private properties. This partnership aims to collaborate with site partners to deploy LEV charging hubs to an initial 150 locations throughout Germany in 2022, with plans to expand services throughout the EU to Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

From the business logistics side of the partnership, Swiftmile bring their vision of sustainability. It is widely recognised that electric vehicles are better for the environment, however battery swapping requires a consistent stream of labour. Swiftmile charging hubs create a seamless ecosystem that keeps LEV’s powered and on the go.

Soltsol, backed by professionals with expertise in the engineering, electrical installation and real estate industries, will procure and develop quality sites that provide an invaluable service to the burgeoning LEV sector.

Customers can get appealing offerings from both Soltsol and Swiftmile through utilising our products and market experience. Swiftmile integrates digital-out-of-home (DOOH) display screens adjacent to their charging stations. These screens not only provide advertising for businesses, but information for the respective cities they are in such as bus schedules, time/date, and temperatures. Expanding on the vision for sustainability, screens may display air quality reports, or show the CO2 offset and power consumption of each station.

In this exciting new partnership, you will find solutions to develop top-quality Charging Hubs along with enthusiastic support.

About Soltsol AG

Soltsol develop charging infrastructure for the full e-mobility spectrum from micromobility and EV's through to electric buses and heavy goods vehicles. Our business models range from customer investment-based installations through to CAPEX free installations installed and operated by Soltsol utilizing Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising. The Soltsol team comprises property developers, architects, electrical installation specialists and engineers with a passion for renewable energy and transportation. Originating in Berlin, a city at the forefront of e-mobility, Soltsol are the newest part of the ELTEC Group which has been globally active on major electrical installation projects since 1970. Soltsol activities have started in Germany and shortly Soltsol Benelux will commence operations in Maastricht with further expansion planned across Europe.

Media Contact:

Katarzyna Pawlowski
Marketing Manager – Soltsol AG

About Swiftmile


Swiftmile is the pioneer and market leader in LEV charging, offering a new class of green infrastructure that will set the foundation for “gas stations of the future.” We build and operate Mobility Hubs to charge and organize e- scooters, e-bikes and e-mopeds, at little or no cost to cities thanks to an on- Hub advertising screen. Swiftmile’s infrastructure is driving battery and charging standardization for the global micromobility sector, with Hubs across North America and Europe.

Most recently, Swiftmile has deployed multiple stations in partnership with Shell within APCOA parking locations in Stuttgart, Germany.

Swiftmile is also exploring partnerships to adapt to evolving shared micromobility trends, such as the rise in e-mopeds and the demand for solar- powered charging infrastructure. Swiftmile is based in San Carlos, CA.

For the latest updates and information on Swiftmile, visit


Media Contact:

Jillian Blanco
Marketing Manager - Swiftmile Inc.

Through this exciting partnership, both Soltsol AG and Swiftmile Inc. will have opportunities to provide valuable products and services to more customers. We are planning to launch partnership programs that are beneficial to our customers.


Stay tuned for it!

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